PROXIMUS REAL ESTATE AG is an owner-managed group of companies in Germany with its headquarter in Cologne and a subsidiary in Berlin, focussing on INVESTMENT, DEVELOPMENT and ASSET MANAGEMENT operations across Germany. Managing both investment activities and asset management on behalf of third parties, the company also operates as a real estate investor and property developer in key locations.

The PROXIMUS REAL ESTATE AG invests in existing properties with optimization potential located in German Metropolitan Regions. Following the successful redevelopment and repositioning the properties are offered back to the market and to institutional investors. The main goal of PROXIMUS REAL ESTATE AG is to create economically and ecologically sustainable real estate products. Furthermore the company invests in strategic partnerships and projects that support and contribute to the PROXIMUS REAL ESTATE AG.


Florian Kunz

Founder and Chief Financial Officer

In 1999 the two brothers Florian and Michael Kunz established the PROXIMUS Group. Today, as Chief Financial Officer at PROXIMUS REAL ESTATE AG, Florian Kunz is responsible for both the company’s asset management and development operations as well as the finance and legal areas.


In addition Florian Kunz has been involved in the successful development of several other businesses within the real estate sector. This includes the management of a large number of joint ventures of value-add and opportunistic investments in Germany with international financial investors.

Apart from his operations in the real estate sector, Florian Kunz was honored World Hockey Player of the Year in 2001. In the position of the team captain he also led the German national hockey team to win the men’s Hockey World Cup in 2002 and the bronze medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.


Michael Kunz

Founder and Chief Investment Officer

Michael Kunz and his brother Florian established the PROXIMUS Group in 1999. Today, in the position of Chief Investment Officer at PROXIMUS REAL ESTATE AG, Michael is responsible for the company’s investment and development operations as well as its strategic approach and communications.


In addition Michael Kunz has been involved into the successful establishment of several other businesses and investment platforms within the real estate sector. Amongst others, Michael Kunz has set up the Resolution GmbH as co-founder and managing partner, offering investment and asset management services. The majority has been disposed to an S-DAX-listed company, by this time the business had a property portfolio of three billion Euros under management.

A key aspect of Michael Kunz is to reposition and redevelop existing properties with optimization potential into sustainable core products.



Philipp Schmitz-Morkramer

Chief Executive Officer
Quantum Immobilien AG
Hamburg, Germany


Prof. Dr. Alexander Goepfert

Noerr LLP
Dusseldorf, Germany


Patrick Bierbaum

Chief Investment Officer
PSquared Asset Management AG
Zurich, Switzerland